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Newtown: home to more than medical treatments

Five Other Things to do in Newtown:

A post had been planned about how you might like to take a tour around the fabulous architecture of Wellington Hospital, and suggesting that the best way to take such a tour is while lying zonked out on great drugs on a hospital bed, being pushed by a security guard, but as being sick is so last month, here are better things you should do in Newtown instead:

1. Go to the Zoo. You could even touch the red pandas if you're particularly lucky.
2. Go eat a mountain of fries at Malo. $5.50 buys a very very large bowl of thick crisp chips and great garlic mayo. Make sure to share them or you won't be able to walk afterwards. Wellingtonista has also had many happy Singaporean dinners at Chumeez, and adores the duck pancakes at Beijing Restaurant.
3. Buy Thai Red Bull from the Asian section of the small cramped New World. Mmmm syrupy. (Wellingtonista recommends it as a good base for Punch, particularly when mixed with soda, cranberry juice, vodka and blue curacao).
4. Check out some hot young talent before they end up on Shortland Street in a show at Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School.
5. Go celebrity spotting. According to the Wellington City Libraries, noted celebrities who live in Newtown include Emma Paki - and also Miss Natalie Biz of course.

What's there to do in your suburb?


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