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Wellington Idol

Maselina, Teresa and NikThe nationwide hysteria that is NZ Idol has got underway, with the Group 3 heat this Sunday.

So how likely is it that Wellington will have a contender in the Top Ten?

In the earlier Groups 1 & 2, Wellington contestants Kevin Malagamaali'i and Daniel Bell didn't succeed in getting the necessary votes to move on to the next stage.

But Group 3 could be the charm, with three contestants from the Wellington area.

First up, Maselina Leimoa of Taita. The buzz is good and NZ Idol Blog is picking her for the Top Ten, saying "If Rosita can make it through to the top 10 then I see no reason why Maselina won't either. From what I've heard and seen, Maselina beats Rosita hands down."

A long shot is law student Teresa Bergman - you never know, but it looks doubtful she'll go through.

Finally former country singer Nik Carlson of Masterton is the closest thing to a favourite you can have this early in the contest. As NZ Idol Blog says, "If Nik doesn't make it into the top 10 it will be the biggest surprise in the history of Idol."

If you haven't voted yet, pick up the phone on Sunday night to ensure we've got at least one Wellingtonian to support when the serious competition begins!


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