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Keeping Your Digital Stuff Safe

Disc driveIf you've ever suffered the pain of losing photos or other valuable data from a crashed hard drive or lost cd, you'll know how fragile digital memories can be. Many of us now own huge amounts of digital data but managing and securing these vast archives is a daunting task.

The National Library is holding a free public seminar called "Keeping Your Digital Stuff", which will explain the problems we will face in the digital world long-term and the basics for preserving your precious digital materials. Presented by international expert Deborah Woodyard-Robinson, who has worked towards preserving digital material at both the British Library and National Library of Australia, this seminar is a unique opportunity.

Where: The National Library Auditorium, Aitken Street, Wellington
When: 10am - 1pm Saturday, 10th of September
Cost: Free
Enquiries: preservation@natlib.govt.nz


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