Thursday, March 16, 2006

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A natural love

waitangi park
Dear fellow Wellingtonistas and the good people of Wellington in general,

If the weather is as gorgeous tomorrow as it is today, you must do what I did at lunchtime today - get golden crisp fish'n chips from Thorndon Fish'n Chips (don't let the name fool you, it's next to A-Mart and across the road from Chaffers New World) and park your ass down in the divine Waitangi Park like many others are doing, and just enjoy the atmosphere. You should also check out the Earth from Above exhibition, and take off your shoes to run around on the giant map of the world, stomping on any countries you don't like.

Having watched its construction out the window (err, from a satellite Wellingtonista campus) and via wellurban for the past year, we're happily in a place where we could say that if it was possible, we'd get married to the park, and hold the reception in the spiegal tent.

It just needs a couple more rubbish bins to make it truly perfect...


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