Friday, March 24, 2006

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Solo 22 - Voyages

Of course, we here at the Wellingtonista would never blow our own trumpets, but we're happy to blow our families' - in a non Southland kind of way, of course - so we're pleased to tell you about the new exhibition on at the Academy Gallery called Solo 22.

There's paintings and sculptures by other artists, but the part that you will be chiefly interested in is Voyages, which is new ceramic work by Aimée McLeod.

Exhibition season- Sat 25th March- Sun 9th April 2006 (the opening tonight is Invite Only, and judging by the fact that they had a bouncer collecting invites at lunchtime, I expect it will be the same tonight, so if you were planning on drinking for cheap, you might have to think again)
Academy Galleries, 1 Queen's Wharf, Wellington.

(If you happen to be one of those people who can't compare two roads together in their head and you're taking the bus, the bit on Lambton Quay where you want to get off is right by the Old Bank Arcade. If you get off near the train station, you're in for a long, cold walk in the wind. But of course once you get to Queen's Wharf you can pretend you're 15 and going to Björk or the Smashing Pumpkins again, which goes a long way to making everything better)


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