Thursday, May 04, 2006

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Bus(t) a move

So, as part of the big shiny Metlink rebranding, they're going to change zones and prices, and they'd like you to have a say. Wondering what this means and how it might affect you? Well, if you're under 18 or over 65, you might get 50% off your fares, provided you show a photo ID. That's nice and all, but as this particular Wellingtonista understands it, if, however, you happen to live in Hataitai, and you're used to paying $1 to get to Courtenay Place, you'll now find that as you're going out of your zone (PDF), you'll be paying $2.50, or a 150% increase on every single trip. And that's total balls. So make sure you make a submission and tell them what you think.

(Please note: if I have in fact misinterpreted the proposed zones, feel free to correct me but looking at the FAQ it does seem that I'm right and they're totally sticking their finger up at me. Bastards.)


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