Thursday, February 17, 2005

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Karapoti Classic

tutus are optionalThose of you who like to get out in the fresh air on your mountain bike should take note that this year's Karapoti Classic is on 5th March, and entries are closing soon.

There's two races - the 50km Classic, and the 20km Challenge for those who might not quite feel up to the big race quite yet.

The race takes in some spectacular scenery around the Karapoti Park, and there'll be all sorts of other activities taking place on the day like bike throwing, tyre changing and our favourite (spectator) sport - blind slalom. Oh, and there's a $6000 cash pool for prizes, including $500 for the elite grade winner, and $1000 for the junior rider who comes closest to the course record in the 50km Classic.

There's only enough space for 1000 entrants, and after the 21st of Feb you'll also be asked to cough up a $20 late entry fee, so get onto it now.


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