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World Of WearableArt - models needed

This could be you

The awesome World Of WearableArts is after more models for the September/October shows.

We at Wellingtonist Towers rushed to the computers to sign-up only to discover that the young 'uns are eligible. The oldies still expect to see them parading their particular brand of funky stuff down the catwalk representing all that's hip about the Wellingtonist!

To apply to audition as a model, you can either pre-register by completing the application form or simply show up at the Open Audition at the Michael Fowler Centre at 10am on Sunday 19th June.

They are looking for both male & female adult models between the ages of 15 and 28 years, over 172cm tall. No experience is necessary. This is not strictly a catwalk experience, it's performance to showcase stunning pieces of WearableArt from all over the world.

And don't ask for money as the model positions are voluntary roles.

If you can't/won't/shouldn't be involved on the catwalk then we urge you all to either snag some tickets to the shows (going, going ....) or check out their on-line shop for some cool and funky items.

And don't forget the Nelson-based museum.


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