Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Hope they kept the red carpet from last time.

Rooarrrrr! If the roar doesn't kill you, no doubt the breath would.As if they could even think of holding it elsewhere, it has been confirmed that the NZ premiere of King Kong is going to be held in Wellington, in mid-December.
United International Pictures, the film's New Zealand distributor, has confirmed Wellington will hold the premiere hours before King Kong is released around the world.

Spokesman Jonathan Park said other details about the premiere, including where it would be held and guests, would be announced in coming weeks.

Wellington City Council spokeswoman Trina Saffioti said the council knew about the premiere date and was working with the distributor "on a premiere event" for the city.

It was confirmed yesterday that the world premiere of King Kong in New York would be on December 5.
Hopefully the weather will be as fine, and the crowd as good-natured as that for the Lord of the Rings premiere.


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