Wednesday, November 09, 2005

we've moved to wellingtonista.com
head over there for the latest stuff. cheers.

Links for Wednesday, 9 November 2005

  • Pretty pictures of the weekend's fireworks over at Flickr: Patrick's Soapbox, Whispering Inferno, and Brainsluice.
  • More mystery bar action at WellUrban and Drinks After Work.
  • Outgoing VUWSA members set up their own blog to critique the incoming VUWSA exec, Salient, and local student politics in general. As they state...
    This is our space not to let go, to be bitter, and resentful, and, perhaps most importantly, offer advice to those who have filled our shoes. But mostly to be bitter.
    So, check out the VUWSA Has-Beens' Bench.
  • Wellington's favourite film-maker son Peter Jackson has had his debut film - Bad Taste - named as 11th Greatest Independent Film of all time by Empire Magazine.
  • And is this summer shaping up to be nice, or what? (No link, just an observation).


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