Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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King Kong Premiere Red Carpet Screening looms

rrooooaarrr! It's so bloody humid!Well, the weather forecast doesn't look too flash - "Often cloudy, odd shower. Humid with light winds" - but we suspect that won't stop thousands of people heading down to Courtenay Place tomorrow afternoon (Wed 14 Dec) for the official NZ premiere red carpet screening of King Kong.

A few roads in the vicinity are going to be closed to most traffic from late tonight, 'til early Thursday morning. The affected bits are...
  • Courtenay Place (Tory Street to Cambridge Terrace)
  • Cambridge Terrace (Tennyson Street to Wakefield Street)
  • Kent Terrace (Wakefield Street to Elizabeth Street).
Allen and Blair Streets will remain open to vehicles until 3.00pm Wednesday 14 December after which portions of those streets will close for red carpet preparations.

There will be a single lane on Kent Terrace which will allow for a left-turn on Majoribanks Street from 11.00pm Tuesday 13 December until noon Wednesday 14 December. At noon on Wednesday 14 December, Kent Terrace and Majoribanks Street will be closed to traffic.

(All the above info from the excellent WCC webpage, by the way, where you can find more details about the day if required.)

Apparently the buses are being re-routed and temporary bus-stops being put in place to cater for the changes. Let's go over to the swanky new MetLink website to find out what info they've got on the impact of the event on their services. Oh, nothing. Quelle surprise.

[UPDATE: Actually, this MetLink page turned up via the Search Wellington RSS feed we use to run our news bar on the right hand side of the homepage. All very well if you read that RSS feed, but I can't figure out how to navigate to it from the MetLink homepage. Meh.]


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