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Stories Told to Me by Girls, second season

aha - the old lines written on the wrist trick... Those of you who missed out on the first season of Julie Hill's play 'Stories Told to Me by Girls' should head down to Happy tonight or tomorrow (or yesterday or the day before that, if you have the technology), to catch a special return season. Laurie Atkinson's review in the Dom is suitably gushing...
It's like performance art, but without the pretentiousness that seems to attach itself to this art form, mixed with revue sketches, stand-up comedy and Julie Hill's knack of combining believable people, lively, offbeat stories and a dry sense of humour.

We meet along the way a would-be actress and her agent (told with huge silhouttes onthe screen), a four-year-old Red Riding-Hood, Rebecca in an S&M dungeon getting her revenge on her old maths teacher, the unhappy life of Dougal (told with chalk drawings), young Dusty's sand castles, and Katheryn's horse-riding audition.

[Solo actor] Smith is in comedic control throughout, whether as the actress being told she looks like Liv Tyler, or as the young Dusty and Dougal. Add Peter Daube's music and Megan Adams' video choreography to the mix and you have a sparkling beginning to the theatrical year.
More info (times/prices) at the Stories For Girls website...


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