Friday, April 28, 2006

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Be nice to the nerds


This weekend the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo rolls into town.

It should be a big one this year with a special appearance by the General Lee.
Have your photo taken with the General Lee at Noon both event days for only $25.00 or @ 10am each morning, John Schneider (Bo Duke) will be attending a special photo session, cost of $25.00 with John or $45.00 with john and the General Lee.

I had my photo taken with this same car when I was five or so. So I'm looking forward to getting the updated version.

So keep an eye out for geeks and try not to be mean to them. Unless they flip "Unix" and you flip "OSX", then it's all on!!!

I have been given a media pass (through bFM) and so will do an exclusive, behind-the-scenes report for Wellingtonista.

Keep watching the skis...I mean skies.



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