Monday, February 21, 2005

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More Energetic Stuff!

whifftacularI may as well keep with James's sporting spirit for the day, and tell you about an event coming up this weekend that's aimed at the fairer sex.

The Special K Triathlon series is in Wellington this Sunday, but, unfortunately, there are no more spots available for competitors, and no waiting list (and I was so keen to compete, too). Why tell you then? Well, the event is taking place around the wonderful environs of Scorching Bay, so if you want to get out there and cheer the women home, we encourage you to do so.

Start time is 1pm, map of the course is here. (Looking at the map, I suspect that if you're driving, you'll probably want to be coming from the Seatoun side, as opposed to taking the scenic route around Evans Bay, where the biking section will be held. The road will be open to traffic, but cars have a history of causing race event organisers all sorts of grief, so why not give them one less thing to worry about?)


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