Saturday, May 14, 2005

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investing for the future

Ata Rangi Pinot NoirThere are many kinds of investments available on the market today: putting a little something aside for later can be very rewarding.

One of our favourite kinds is a bottle or two of nice wine. And where better to source your investment than just over the hill from Wellington, in Martinborough?

Set aside a Sunday. Haul yourself out of bed by about 10am; drive through the Hutt and onward, and by lunchtime you'll conveniently arrive in Martinborough for a spot of victuals. There's lots to choose from. Then cruise the vineyards, credit card in hand.

Make sure, of course, that you have a designated driver. Or, if you can't find anyone mug enough to be driver on a trip like this, seek some professional advice. Even better, save up and get in line for Toast Martinborough, a much anticipated annual wine festival.

And so, with time you can reap the rewards. Right at this moment, we are enjoying a nice bottle of 1994 Dry River Pinot Noir that we purchased nearly ten years ago: back in the PK era.

You don't need to be serious about wine to do this: we weren't. But whenever you get the opportunity to get hold of something you like, put some of it away. And like us, come a dull Saturday night sometime in the distant future you'll have something to sup on... once the kids have gone to bed.


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