Thursday, May 12, 2005

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The Wiggles; and an introduction

the wiggles and their mates. they're filthy rich, didn't you know?Hello. I'm Alan. You may remember me from such blogs as half-pie.

No? Oh.

James has added me to the roster of contributors, for which I am very flattered. I'm still figuring out what I could possibly relate about this fine city of ours that could be relevant and timely. And indeed, I was going to make excuses for my lack of with-it-ness by explaining that I'm just a suburban Dad-of-two, but as I think Mike, Andrew and James also fall into this broad category that's not going to work. Those three are all more with-it than I.

And then there's Joanna and Jessie on board too, hip young things both.

Oh well. Best foot forward and all that. Perhaps one of them can review tonight's Nick Cave gig for an old fogey that only found out about it after it had sold out?

And now, Wellingtonist hat on, we'd like to remind all the other Dads and Mums out there that those multi-coloured Beatles of the pre-school set, The Wiggles, return to Wellington for two shows at the Town Hall on June 10. Unlike Mr Cave's gig, neither show is sold out (yet).

Book at, er, Ticketek.


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