Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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The Oxford Union Debate on Nuclear Weapons

dapper david langeIf you're still looking for things to do after being harangued by street performing Estonians later this evening, then head along to the Film Archive on Taranaki Street, where they're screening the famous 1985 Oxford Union Debate on Nuclear Weapons, in which our PM, David Lange debated and defeated the then American Moral Majority leader, Jerry Falwell, on the topic that "all nuclear weapons are morally indefensible".

The text of this debate recently turned up over at Russell Brown's Public Address blog, in the excellent NZ Argument Section, so, if you can't make it along to the screening, you can always relive the memories with the full-text transcription, but, as is pointed out by Russell...
His booming voice and idiosyncratic, commanding phrasing, cannot be captured here, except through best efforts with punctuation.
The screening starts at 6:30pm, and runs to 7:45pm. Entry by koha.


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