Friday, February 25, 2005

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Weekend gig action

shayne carter - dimmerMoody rocker and increasingly funk-orientated Dimmer and Samoan hip-hopper extraordinaire Tha Feelstyle (it's not a typo, it is Tha) will be entertaining the students and anyone else who cares to turn up at the Victoria University Union Hall tonight (Fri 25 Feb). Should be an interesting combo of sounds.

The latest Dimmer album - You've Got to Hear the Music - which we initially wrote off as a bit of a boring funk work-out, has actually grown on us hugely over the last few months - and now makes our essential-buy-it-if-you-don't-have-it list of NZ albums. Funny how things like that happen. Tha Feelstyle album - Break it to Pieces - isn't bad either.

Tomorrow night (Sat 26 Feb), if you can drag yourself away from the Cuba Street Carnival [previous post], we recommend heading along to Sandwiches, where the The Kaikoura Roots Festival CD Compilation Launch is taking place. The show will feature the Salmonella Soundsystem - Rudeboy, Jagway and Skitter (Salmonella Dub), Kora, The Might Asterix, Rikki Gooch (TrinityRoots), Alion and MC Kyla.

There's all sorts of tasty pre-sale sweeteners on offer - take note: if you pick up your CD from Real Groovy, Sounds or the CD Store on February 26th you'll receive an invite to the Dub Conspiracy Kaikoura Roots Festival CD Launch party. Present your pre-order CD receipt at Cosmic Corner and receive a discounted ticket to the party, otherwise it's $15 on the door.


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