Monday, April 18, 2005

we've moved to wellingtonista.com
head over there for the latest stuff. cheers.

Still going...

Just a quick update as to where things are at.

First of all, thanks to everyone who's come forward to offer advice and assistance. It's been great, cheers. I'm still working at getting this template working over on my Wordpress build of the site (who'd have thought 3 column template layouts would be so hard to get right?), and, with my OOS being at the crippling level for the last couple of weeks, things are going a little slowly, so a revised new go-live date is more likely to be next month (May) some time. I've registered the wellingtonist.com website name, and will probably start using that once I find a host for the Wordpress site.

Having said that, I may start reposting on this site just so we've got some moderately fresh content when the new site is ready to go, so stay tuned...


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