Saturday, June 11, 2005

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classyLast night, unwinding from a hard week, we stopped by the new Cabaret outfit adjoining Chow on Tory Street to check out the entertainment. It's a lovely space - the decor is wonderfully elegant: dark wooden tables, wood louvres, beautiful carpet and remarkable lightshades. There's a warm red backdrop to the stage where I saw Hot Swiss Mistress play a late set to an appreciative crowd.

Cabaret is dinner ("three course banquet style") and a show every night at 7pm, with a late show on the weekends. The resident talent includes Shaken Not Stirred, CA$H, The Hannah Griffen Quartet, the Ola Trio and more. Highly recommended outfit Bonanza play next Saturday's show and Grand Prix and the Raskolnikovs are lined up in the next week or two in the late slot. And there's two for the price of one cocktails on Wednesdays. Mmm.


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