Saturday, July 02, 2005

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lions in the house

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Town is fully swinging this evening for the 2nd test between the Lions and the All Blacks.

So much so that even some of the more suburban orientated of the Wellingtonist collective found ourselves in Courtenay Place this afternoon, sampling the atmosphere.

And what atmosphere it was: a good natured crowd; loads of dressed up people, some in black, but more in red; and our young Miss Wellingtonist saying a cheery hello to any Lions fans in those "special Scottish dresses called 'kilts'"; street performers, big screens; singing fans on the balconies; families agog; and a great vibe.

Well, not all of us can be in the cake-tin watching the test; but at least down town there is plenty of great action to sustain us.

Get down there now.


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