Monday, June 27, 2005

we've moved to wellingtonista.com
head over there for the latest stuff. cheers.

A preview of coming attractions.... soon!

That's a clever quote from Hitchcock's Rear Window...Coming to a big screen near you...

But that's irrelevant right now...

Coming soon (only just scored the brochure, so bear with us)... I'll give you my legendary (unaffiliated with any sponsors - so far...) Film Festival rundown.

What's hot, what's good (they're all good), what's heart-warming, what's art-house, what's sleaze, what's art-house sleaze, what's mega-violent, what's mega-violent art-house sleaze (our favourite), and what's family friendly... etc.

Can't speak for the other Wellingtonists, but I'm always a documentary fan, but can you believe it? I haven't yet seen any of the documentary films from last year's festival yet. This is because my wife isn't a documentary fan (sigh). This is also the busiest time of the year for me at work, and I've gone from taking 2 weeks off work every festival, and seeing 20-30 films... to pretty much taking an afternoon off & only seeing a handful.

That's all irrelevant too. Unless someone would like to offer me a more civilised job.

So... as mentioned... coming soon... etc.


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