Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Young and Hungry

cyber girl. or is she?The latest Young and Hungry season gets underway this week at Bats, with three new plays being staged by crews of (mostly) young and aspiring thespians.

This play - The Many Faces of Kelly J Loko - particularly caught the eye. From the blurb...
Laptops, i-pods, chat rooms and text messaging - welcome to the world of Kelly J Loko. Watch as young Kelly discovers that people aren't always what they seem to be in the age of the 'invisible friend' and 'Big Brother'.

Can Kelly learn to establish herself in the physical world as well as she can in the virtual? Or will she get lost in cyber space forever?
Seemed to strike a chord, deep down somewhere, for some reason.

The three plays run one after the other, starting at 6.30pm (Kelly J Loko), 8pm (Exchange) and 9.30pm (Collective Agreement). You don't have to sit through them all in one sitting though - a season pass is available for those who want to take their time (or, perhaps, who want to pop back for a second helping).


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