Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Overheard on the Cable Car

Unwrap meOn this very wet, rainy afternoon...

Young Woman 1: "Wotcha been up to?"
Young Woman 2: "Working"

Young Woman 2: "Wotcha been up to?"
Young Woman 1: "Shopping at the Kirk's Sale."

Young Woman 2: "Wotcha buy?"
Young Woman 1: "Knickers."

Young Woman 2: "And an umbrella."
(Unwraps umbrella to show it)
Young Woman 1: "Cool"

(Coming to the end of the trip, Young Woman 2 starts to carefully wrap the umbrella up again.)
Wellingtonista: "You'll probably want to keep that unwrapped?"
Young Woman 2: "But it'll get wet!"
(Wellingtonista butts out).


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