Friday, September 09, 2005

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Meet the Candidates!

Mark Blumsky, NationalThere's nothing more traditional to an election campaign than assembling in a local community hall to listen to, and maybe heckle the latest crop of wannabees.

And check out who the hell lives in your neighbourhood & who they look (and sound) like they might vote for.

At least one Wellingtonista will be at St Michael's Church Hall this Sunday. I can't wait (well. actually I can, but I'm looking forward to it anyway).

Marion Hobbs, LabourMeet the Wellington Central Candidates.
11 Sept - Greater Kelburn Progressive Association Candidates Forum - St Michael's Church Hall, Upland Rd, 7:45pm
12 Sept - Northland Anglican Parish Meet the Candidates - St Annes @ Ward Church, 7.30pm


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