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walking, 7:05am

O-K Road, 4 October 2005
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Wellington is often a good city for walking: some would even say it's better for walking than cycling.

And so it was today.

The air was soft and cool, scrubbed by the overnight rain. There was not a breath of wind, and streamers of fog clung to the hills.

From Orangi-Kaupapa Road the view was breathtaking. Ranged around, the city was starting to hum. Out on the water, activity too: the Eastbourne ferry making its way to Queens's Wharf.

Fog obscured the sun, but found its way through anyway, reflecting off the utterly calm waters of the harbour. The scene was bathed in a lambent honey-coloured light; an instant of something that could not be captured by a mere phone camera lens.

Moments like this. Remember. This town.

"We will conquer utopia in space chariots."


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