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Wrestling to hit Wellington: March 2006

WWRRROOAAARRR! In news that will surely warm the cockles of many a teenaged boys heart, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have announced they're bringing the SmackDown Road to Wrestlemania 22™ Tour (not sure if they've trademarked the number 22, or the preceding words as well) to Wellington's Westpac Stadium, next year on March 4.
Westpac Stadium Marketing Manager, Steven Thompson told NZPWI [NZ Pro Wrestling Informer] that the arrival of WWE in New Zealand has been the result of three years of patient negotiations. "We have wanted to host WWE ever since the success of the "Global Warming Tour" at the Melbourne Telstra Dome in 2002, said Steven.
"RRRROOOAARRR!" he added afterwards, pointing out that spectators would "PAY THE PRICE!" for admission, and that the organisers would "SHOW NO MERCY!" in staging a show featuring fireworks, big screens, and all the WWE's biggest stars, of whom no-one here at the Wellingtonista could name one.

[hat-tip: Fear and Loathing in Wangavegas]


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