Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Of Importance to the Paramount?

But wait... there's moreI just wanted to mangle that last title sorry.

but if Playstation 3 comes with a free popcorn maker, I'll wager that it's all over....

...The cinema industry has been whinging at the downturn in cinema ticket sales for the last few years, and the advent of High Definition TV & DVD isn't going to help them.

Except, much like the VHS vs Beta wars of the 80s, a battle was looming between the two big HD formats, Toshiba's HD-DVD, and Sony's Blu-Ray.

According to James Berardinelli, who has the most impressive movie review site on the web (his latest book of reviews is out in the bookstores in time for Christmas too), that battle is over, pretty much before it even started. All thanks to Playstation 3.

James Berardinelli's ReelViews - Last Gasps, or the Format War that Wasn't


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