Friday, March 31, 2006

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April Fools

But will it be the Crusaders or the Hurricanes?Tomorrow at the Cake Tin (5.30pm kick-off) we'll find out which team has a [metaphorical] bucket of confetti and glue placed over its door. If you want to go and haven't got tickets I'm afraid you're out of luck because the game has sold out. So 34,000 people will watch this match, a good proportion of these will be from Canterbury so this will explain why on Saturday you will see a lot of red shirts downtown.

We didn't get tickets either so we'll be at Hope Bros from 5.00pm cheering and explaining to our (slow) friends from the south why their allegiance needs to change. Anyone who wishes to is welcome to join us.

By the way, try out these player profiles. Pick a player and watch as they spin into view. Hee hee, its mindless entertainment for a Friday morning.

In other local sports action...
  • April 2nd : Team Wellington takes on Otago in the NZFC
  • April 3rd: Wellington vs Central Districts (Basin Reserve) in the State Championship final (until the 7th)
Ps. This is my first Wellingtonista post too.
Pps. Thanks to Mike for the photo.


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