Friday, March 03, 2006

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So here's our man again...

India BhartiSo here's our man again. This time I have a bit more information.

His name is India Bharti (sounds suspiciously like Doderiol Fharti to me), and he is, without doubt the very best Bhartiphone player I have ever heard! No kidding.

Of course, he is also the only Bhartiphone player I have ever heard, but even if there were lots of them, even if Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page had collaborated on a Bhartiphone album... I reckon old India would still be right up there.

Anyway. He's here, Manners Mall, sounds great, and he gave me an opportunity to lean back against a window & ogle passers by listen. And I bought his latest album.

And he has a website.

India Bharti


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