Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Synth Birds of Dawn: take two

nic mcgown and his thereminWell, this particular Wellingtonista thought the Synth Birds of Dawn sounded great.

Nic McGowan and his two fellow theremin players waved their arms about half an hours worth of other-worldy noise making early on Tuesday morning, creating sounds that at times sounded like the gibbon cries heard from the zoo in Newtown every morning, to whale song, to plain old weird Dr Who frequency squiggles.

Naturally, some people found the concept hard to come to grips with...
For the first five minutes I thought it was a car alarm," said Derwent St's John Pedersen. "I don't see any art in it at all. It was just a wail, it didn't sound like birds, just weird wailing.
It didn't sound like birds! It was ... different! Therefore, I hate it! Jesus.

Another concert is due to take place tomorrow morning (Thu 16 Feb), with the start time an hour later at 7:30am, to allow the likes of Mr Pedersen to make the most of their "precious rest".


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