Friday, February 10, 2006

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Island Bay Festival

island bay's shorland park
As mentioned earlier in the week, the Island Bay Festival kicks into gear this weekend. Tomorrow (Sat 11 Feb) we get some of the best stuff: a Street Parade (all welcome - kids in costumes are recommended), Bands in the Park, and a new event which shapes to be a particular favourite of ours: Pimp my Bike.

The Bands in the Park features Wellingtonista fave Disasteradio, as well as Mestar, Tessa Rain, and a host of other local acts that you may or may not like. And...
The 'Real Hot Bitches' will make some acrobatic appearances. There will be food stalls, oddity stalls, and random spontaneous rock moments. The late dance slot will be occupied by Wellington star, Island Bay's own Rhian Sheehan.
Check out the official schedule for more info, including next week's Third Annual Island Bay Trolley Derby.


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