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Scribes of Ra vs The Eggs

Happy NZ Music Month everybody.

Here is one of the many many gigs on around our fair city celebrating this wonderful time of year:
Who: Scribes of Ra and the Eggs, special guests: Deva Mahal, Lisa Tomlins and Olmecha Supreme
Where: Indigo Bar, Cuba St. Wellington. New Zealand
When: 13th May 2006. doors open 9pm
How Much: $20 +bf from Real Groovy and 3 wise men.

The band, collectively known as 'The Scribes of Ra' are a collaboration of around 20 artists from some of Wellington and New Zealands biggest bands. Members hail from Fat Freddy's Drop, The Black Seeds, Phoenix Foundation, Twinset, Trinity Roots, The Bad Apple Orchestra, Orquesta Salvaje and the list goes on. They are perfroming with the Eggs for one night only at Indigo Bar on Cuba St. wellington. Special Guests include Deva Mahal, Lisa Tomlins and Olmecha Supreme. This is gonna be huge as it is probably the last chance to see this collaboration for a long time. Many of the members are headed overseas with their respective bands just after the gig.
(There may also be limited door sales, just so you know.)

It's like Godzilla versus Mecha Godzilla! Or Tyler Durdan versus Cornelius. Because given the nature of Wellington's music scene a lot of these musicians may actually appear in all of the bands involved. Lisa Tomlins sings for The Eggs, sings back up for Fat Freddy's and Deva Mahal and The Scribes. And don't even start to think about the poor guys from Twinset. They'll be on stage from go to whoa.


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