Thursday, April 06, 2006

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Apparently you don't love Wellington!

The DomPost had a large article about how noone is going to the cricket except some old lonely retired guys.

Despite your lack of interest (and it is all YOUR FAULT, don't kid yourself) Wellington are looking good to win. Wellington battled through Wednesday, scoring 191 runs in 81 overs to finish the third day on 284-8 in reply to Central Districts' 312 all out.

But let's be fair, even though it is the State (domestic test cricket) Championship Final, it is on in the middle of the week; hence most people are probably working. I imagine that if Friday is clear that the crowds will at least double as workers take a long weekend. So get down there and cheer on your Firebirds damn it!

You wont see me there though, because I don't like cricket, ha! Mike sure does though. Mike, of Hataitai, was just named the Samsung New Zealand Cricket Fan of the Year.

[ps. more about other sport later]


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