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Idea city

Logo for 7x7 Ideas FourmWho says that Wellington is devoid of intellectual debate? Certainly not the people behind the 7x7 Ideas Forums, who organise regular presentations where 7 people each get 7 minutes to promote, demonstrate and discuss their ideas. There's no indication on their website of who will be speaking during this series, but the previous series (some videos of which are available at R2) included a performance poet, a carnival entrepeneur, an adventurer, a constitutional lawyer and a gravitation theorist. So, just the usual crowd, then.

The new series kicks off tomorrow (Thursday 6th April) at 6pm. They used to be held in (e)-vision, but that venue has now been divided into an architect's studio, art gallery and fashion boutique, so this series will be at the Ilott Theatre in the Town Hall. Tomorrow's event has the theme "Winning the world from Wellington", which could (and no doubt will) be interpreted in many different ways. I'd be there myself, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm speaking at another seminar that evening. With any luck, after the 7x7 forum finishes at 7:30, the adjacent cafés will be abuzz with ideas, debate and metaphorical dolphin-dissection.


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