Friday, May 19, 2006

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gene pool deletion in progress

gene pool deletion in progress
gene pool deletion in progress,
originally uploaded by maxcherry.
Couldn't help but draw more attention to this particular photo, spotted in the Wellington Flickr Photo Pool today. Says maxcherry, the photo-taker...
nothing wrong with towing a motorcycle - can be safely done. The rider has winds just one coil around the bar, and grips the rope under his hand. allows a safe release of the tow in event of trouble - the rider simply releases the rope.

these 'darwin award nominees' had a better idea - their tow-rope was securely knotted to the left fork leg. the bike wasn't registered, and the rider didn't know how to ride a tow - he let the rope go slack. big speed-wobble and legs-akimbo when the tow suddenly tightened and jerked forward around the corner...


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