Friday, May 19, 2006

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Super 14 Semifinal

go canes!Look out Wellington! There's a Hurricane Warning!!!

::Sigh:: Any one else sick of that pun? Well at best (yes best) it will only be around another week. Tonight at the Caketin the Hurricanes will repeat what they did last week and beat the Waratahs.

Maybe you are one of the lucky individuals who got a ticket in the nanosecond that there were tickets available. I'm not. I will be watching from the warmth of a local drinking establishment chosen by Tom (perhaps one that is not too decadent but just decadent enough).

The Waratahs will be without cocaine snorting Wendell Sailor for the second week. This means Peter Hewat moves to the wing, Mat Rogers takes over fullback and new boy Daniel Halangahu goes to first five. But just in case the 'tahs forget about young Wendell, a local cafe close to the stadium, in Aitken St, is offering a "Wendell Sailor Coke Float" ($4).

She's gonna be a hum-dinger and I suggest that even if you hate rugby that you head out and soak up the atmosphere in town. Also spend some money. Estimates on the money this game will bring in have ranged from $500,000 to $3M. So at least have one drink. The Wellingtonista Crew will drink up the shortfall.


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