Friday, April 07, 2006

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It's a funny old game

Well the weather packed in and so it seems that the State Championship will end in a draw. Which means that Wellington wins.

No, I don't understand it either. Though I will say this, more runs were scored in this game than people attended it.

There is no Super 14 rugby for Wellington (and lower North Island) fans this weekend so you'll have to pick another team to support. I suggest the Chiefs.

As Tom mentioned the 2Hot2Handle auto-show will be on the stadium. Ironically this will mean a paucity of carparks and horrible traffic snarls around the stadium. I just hope someone brings a "pimped out" Prius. It seems like a good idea.

Tonight the St Laurence Wellington Saints basketball team is taking on two-time champs, the Auckland Stars at the Queens Wharf Events Centre. It promises to be a good game.

Finally, if you'd like to spend your weekend watching Wellington micro-celebrities play badminton then head to the Wellington Badminton Festival (yes, "festival") at the Wellington Badminton Association's hall in Hataitai (it's the one with a big [shuttle] cock on the roof). It's a five day show that starts on Saturday (08/04/06) and finishes on Wednesday. The festival only comes around every three years so don't miss out on Mark Blumsky playing Kerry Prendergast. Entertainment to be provided by Frankie Stevens.


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