Thursday, May 25, 2006

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So. Very. Tired.

This weekend has many things on. I suggest trying them all and seeing how you go.

Watch the Super 14 final (featuring our own, beloved, Hurricanes) while boogieing/shaking/pogoing to Disasteradio/Rhombus/The Eggs. Oh and while you're at it, come up with a random short film on Friday night and have it written, shot and edited by 7pm Sunday.

I'm not going to be so ambitious. I'm just going to be doing the latter.

Here's my plan:

On Friday night I'm going to replace all the blood in my body with pure, uncut caffeine. After the initial jolt ("I can see through time"), Mike and I will sit down and write a script. The next day some suckers actors will convene on set and begin to read the bullshit flowing prose that Mike and I penned at, like, 4am. Then Sunday the editors take over and complete our vision.

This is how it worked last year and we ended up with a film that had the immortal line: "Is that dog wearing a bra?", and just so you know, yes it was. This year we are WAY more planned. Ha!

I'm interested if any of you out there in internet land are participating and if so where and what's your team name. Ours is something to do with Sponge Monkeys.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our musician has pulled out at the last minute due to a prior commitment, are there any professional (or otherwise) musos out there who are keen to forgo sleep for a(nother) weekend? If so, drop me a line


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