Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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It's been a bit quiet up here at Wellingtonista Towers over the last few days, mostly because our two most recent and prolific contributors - Haydn and Tom - have been working flat out on their entry for this year's 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Their hard work has has resulted in 'Coupled' - co-written by Hadyn and starring Tom, and which will screen at 5.45pm tonight (Tusday 30 May) at the Regent Cinema.

No doubt the claims of 'cinematic brilliance' are well founded, so get along to enjoy this, and the other quality and not-so-quality pieces of film-making whipped up in your fair city over the weekend.

For a full list of screening times head over to the official 48 Hours website.

(And for more Wellington-based 48 hours blogging action, check out Talula and Che Tibby (the latter being another member of the Coupled team.))


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